Frequently Asked Questions

Which states do you print and post home schooling resources for?

We’ve moved super fast on this to get Queensland students the printed materials they need as fast as we can, but don’t think we’re going to stop there. Watch this space!

Do I need to get all the printed materials?

No. There are four different options based on curriculum provided by Education Queensland.

1. Fortnightly Lesson Plans (printed and bound)

These are the essential learning tools supplied in two-week units of work. Some worksheets as well as answer sheets are included.

2. Lesson Plan-related resources such as activity sheets (supplied loose)

These supporting resources form part of the two-week work units. They are supplied loose to enable students to complete activities.

3. Optional Additional Resources such as extra reading (supplied loose)

Students can choose whether to complete the addThey are supplied loose to enable students to complete activities.

4. USB of all above resources

The Fortnightly Lesson Plans and Lesson Plan-related resources are the essential reference materials for homeschooling. These can be ordered separately. You may decide to only order the Lesson Plan-related resources so your kids have access to a printed copy of the worksheets, and then work with digital files for the lesson plans themselves.

The Optional Additional Resources include items such as extra reading, more worksheets and additional activities.

Note that printed copies of the materials are not necessary to complete the required course work. We offer this service to make learning easier.

What is the difference between the Lesson Plan Resources and Additional Resources?

In each lesson plan, you will see a list of resources recommended for learning at home. These include general items from around the house, pens, paper and so on as well as lesson plan resources.

You need these lesson plan resources to complete the lesson. Many are worksheets for your child to write on, so printed copies make it easier for learning. You can print these as you go from the digital files, or even draw them up yourself if you are crafty, but for most of us it is much easier just to order a print online.

The additional resources are some bonus extras, that extend in the concepts from the lesson plans.

Why should I order printed learning@home materials with My Home School Materials?

Downloading all the files required fortnightly takes time and bandwidth. Some children learn better with printed materials in front of them. It can also help parents or carers to prepare ahead – you’ll have a printed copy to review ahead of time and can mark it up with notes as you go. 

We offer a print on demand service so you can select the items you want, submit payment and we’ll express post to your supplied address.

All options can be purchased separately so you can choose what is best for your child.

Why are the resources batched together as loose sheets? Why only one copy?

We wanted to make these print resources available to you as quickly as possible, and loose sheets was the quickest way to do that.

We’ll be working hard over the coming weeks to bring you more options and the ability to order multiple copies of individual resources. We’re also looking into options for binding the additional and optional resources and laminating worksheets.

Can you assist with home schooling advice?

We are experts in printing and in getting those printed materials out to our customers. We are not home schooling experts so won’t be providing home schooling advice. However, we will be sharing some helpful information as well as stories from the learning@home community on our blog.

What do the packs include?

The printed and bound Fortnightly Lesson plans include all materials from the two-week Lesson Plan available on the Education Queensland website, excluding video files and interactive materials. Interactive resources that are not included will be listed in the back of the packs so you know they are available to access online.

The Lesson Plan-related resources packs and Optional Additional Resources packs include all printable items, in separate, loose sheets.

The following are not included in the printed documents supplied by My Home School Materials. You’ll need to refer online or get the USB for:

  • Links to video files
  • Some Powerpoint presentations
  • Other interactive material in various non-printable format.

The USB contains all files related to the two-week Lesson Plan plus all supporting resources including video files, powerpoint presentations and other interactive material.

How long before I will receive my order?

If the books are ordered before midday Monday to Friday they will be printed on demand and dispatched via Express Post that day meaning that your materials should be arrive by the end of the following business day.

When will the next fortnight lesson plans be available?

We aim to make fortnightly materials available for printing within 24 hours after Education Queensland makes them available online.