About My Home School Materials

Alison Logan and Express Print & Mail have swiftly turned a challenge into a solution that will potentially help thousands of parents across Queensland.

Like many parents, Hervey Bay mother Alison, is trying to get her head around a new normal which includes remote learning for her 5-year-old son.  

After spending literally hours downloading and sorting through multiple files from the Education Queensland website, Alison knew she wouldn’t be the only parent overwhelmed by the task – and that was just for Fortnight 1!

Navigating remote learning

Thoughts and questions about remote learning began to circulate in Alison’s mind…

…how does someone who is not computer savvy navigate their way through all this stuff?

…costs associated with printing at home

…what happens if you run out of ink and can’t get more

…what if you’re low on data or don’t have the internet capacity to download multiple documents?

…how can people collate and make sense of so many documents (42 documents alone for two weeks of Prep English)?

…what happens if you don’t have a printer at home?

…what about families with no internet or no computer?

With her graphic designer brain kicking into gear, and the power of Express Print & Mail behind her, Alison devised a plan to do the hard work for parents so they didn’t have to do it themselves. And so, My Home School Materials was born – a print on demand service for Queensland Prep to Year 6 school curriculum.

We download, collate and print all the documents you need and Express Post them to you ready to go. Order today and your documents will be posted the next business day.

About Express Print & Mail

Born and bred in Queensland, Express Print & Mail has been offering printing and communications solutions for local businesses and the community since 2006. 

Express Print & Mail has built a reputation for our exceptional service, competitive pricing and innovation in online print management. We’re also known for our support of community initiatives like Steps, Give Me 5 For Kids and more recently the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. 

An award-winning family company, we employ many local people across the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast with 99% of jobs printed in-house.

Many of our team members are parents or grandparents who are struggling with the challenges of shifting to remote learning for their children.

My Home School Materials is powered by Express Print & Mail’s passion for printing and desire to support parents and our community during challenging times. We hope this printing service makes life just a little bit easier.